About Us
Whether you are just a beginner or a veteran trading in cryptocurrencies, you'll find Giottus tremendously comfortable to use.
Our mission at Giottus is to make it possible for anyone to become a Cryptocurrency Trading expert by providing a RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Platform that is easy to use. All of this, while also adhering to the highest compliance and cyber-security standards to protect customers and their Crypto-assets.

What makes Giottus a Powerful Trading Platform?
Platform architecture ensures zero-downtime and high processing speeds
Giottus Trade Engine has been engineered from scratch to deliver a powerful platform by keeping security, efficiency, speed, and scalability in mind. Further, Giottus platform is architectured with Multi-level redundancies thereby automatically & seamlessly scaling to handle increased payloads.
Order Matching Engine One of the Most Powerful Trade Engines Internationally
Giottus is one of the fastest exchanges in the market today, even by comparison with International Exchanges. Our current infrastructure is capable of handling 50,000 transactions per second and our asynchronous message routing architecture guarantees stability even under the concurrency of millions of orders.

With industry best practices for disaster recovery and built-in redundancies to ensure fault tolerant system, at Giottus we have covered all bases to guarantee a highly Reliable and Powerful Platform.
Banking Partnerships Let the Crypto world not worry about banks
In current unregulated scenario in Indian market, we believe that the only solution to have a 24*7 Platform is to have built-in redundancies. Right from our Payment gateways to Banking Partners, we have the most extensive partnerships in the industry which enable us to be online even if majority of the financial institutions withdraw their support from Crypto-Ecosystem.
Security Safest and most secure platform comparable to Bank's Security Standards
Giottus uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information. Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored. Our systems are built to high standards, audited, and have undergone rigorous internal and third-party testing cycles.


Giottus was founded by two IIM Calcutta Alumni - Vikram and Arjun. Being a Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, they realized that the current developments in this field are just a scratch on the surface and its true success depends on its adoption by the masses. They believe that only Exchanges driven by customer centric ideologies similar to companies like Amazon and Google can make this revolution a reality.
Viva la Revolution!


Vikram Subburaj Arjun Vijay
Co-founder & CEO Co-founder & COO
Vikram is an IIM Calcutta Alumnus and Ex-Amazon Category Manager with rich experience in building customer focused categories in Amazon Europe and Indian Markets. Arjun Vijay is an IIM Calcutta Alumnus and Ex-Vodafone Sales Manager. He specializes in building strong Business partnerships and is credited with building a strong clientele base for Amplus Solar in the Southern Region.