Giottus Spearheads Crypto Accessibility in India with Zero-Fee Trading for All Customers
Giottus Spearheads Crypto Accessibility in India with Zero-Fee Trading for All Customers

Giottus has unveiled an industry-shifting policy of zero-fee crypto trades for all its customers from October 30, 2023.

With this groundbreaking initiative, all trades in 200+ crypto-INR pairs on the platform will now be exempt from trading fees, marking a significant milestone in the Indian crypto market.

This strategic move is expected to provide Indian crypto traders and investors with a hassle-free trading experience, ultimately bolstering their profitability. By eliminating the customary trading costs that often eat into margins, especially during bear markets, Giottus aims to simplify the investment process for its customer base.

Recognising the pressing need to streamline the investment journey, Giottus envisions that this zero-fee policy will not only facilitate easier planning for traders but also enhance liquidity on trading pairs. This will enable customers to access the best daily prices for crypto assets in the country.

Vikram Subburaj, Giottus CEO, emphasized the customer-centric nature of the organization, stating, “We are a customer-centric organisation that believes in making crypto accessible to the masses.” Vikram further emphasised the  importance of this decision, considering the prolonged bear market in the past two years. He expressed hope that the customers would embrace this new initiative and leverage Giottus’s diverse crypto investment suite, which includes Staking, Fixed Rewards, SIPs, and Baskets.

Committed to surpassing industry standards, Giottus remains obsessed with customer satisfaction while focus on regulatory compliance and security remain paramount. This latest initiative aims to be a significant advantage for its customers, eliminating a significant hurdle for investors in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.


Published on: 30th October, 2023