How to Find Yourself a Job in Web3 and Metaverse?
How to Find Yourself a Job in Web3 and Metaverse?

We know metaverse in many ways — sometimes as the next level of the internet — a big brain computer-created reality — virtual reality (VR) clubbed with augmented reality (AR) — some version of our reality infused with computer programs and numbers. Well, whatever metaverse is known to be, it has definitely gained some hype after more than three decades of its introduction (Remember SnowCrash? The 1991 Sci-fi movie?). It all happened with Mark Zuckerberg notifying the netizens that Facebook was changing to Meta. And the world went ga ga! Even other tech giants like Google and Microsoft are keenly interested in the metaverse and willing to launch projects in this universe. JP Morgan even purchase a plot of land in one of the metaverse platforms!

Let’s also not forget the upgrade of web2 to web3 that incorporates blockchain technologies, token-based economies, and decentralization. Just like Interstellar, whose concept is a little hard to grasp, metaverse and web3 cannot be explained in definite terms as no definition has been coined for them. But we can conclude that the technology is one-upping, and sooner, these two terms will be as common as grocery.

And now that we are really stepping into this metaphorically fantastical world with its experimental and highly immersive space, we should as well learn what job opportunities it delivers to us and future generations. If you want to land jobs in Meta, Roblox, OpenSea, The Sandbox, or Microsoft, stay with us as we look into the skills required and job possibilities in this field

Develop the required skills

The basic requirement for grabbing a job in the metaverse and web3 is learning the necessary skill set. Suppose you are working as a game designer. You will have to learn the techniques of building, creating prototypes, designing virtual reality games, and developing 3D characters, for which you should know how to use Cinema4D, Maya, Blender, and how to create skins. Decide your niche and develop the necessary skills to start your work. You can learn how to use JavaScript, Application Programming Interface (API), and other essential skills through various platforms like Coursera. Another major skill requirement is networking. Be sure to grow your network by participating in hackathons hosted by MIT Reality Hack or being part of similar mind-based communities.

Build your profile

The next step is to tell the world that you are ready, which means building your profile and starting to sell your brand. Whatever skills you have learned need to go into practice now.

If you take joy in writing, you can write for big companies focused on metaverse or Web3 or for social media. You can even host online events that attract a lot of the public and profit from the tickets sold. You can also establish yourself as a metaverse architect and design virtual structures. Make sure to publicize your work deeply to set your brand name in the market. Many scholarships are available, like GWS or Girl with Secrets, a program that supports women by providing free education lessons, podcasts, and a wonderful opportunity to participate in hackathons.

What jobs are available in Web3 and Metaverse?

Job profiles in this space may demand expertise in artificial intelligence, gaming, 5G, blockchain, and good knowledge of VR and AR. You may land a job as a content writer, NFT social media and community manager, editor, frontend and backend engineer, blockchain developer, growth marketing manager, media reporter, project manager, and gamification strategist.

The blockchain space is bustling with people looking for areas of advancement. As said earlier, you need to be visible to the market, hence participating in hackathons and related events. Stay up to date and apply for internships and jobs in the NFT sphere as quickly as possible.

How to apply?

Despite their popularity, metaverse and Web3 are quite new. However, the realm is filled with opportunities, and the space in the coming years is estimated to grow more. Every other day a new addition is introduced in the market related to metaverse and Web3. Thus keeping up to date is the key so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Apart from that, according to your profile, you can find jobs on You can also visit for job opportunities.

Become an intern and find a fellow enthusiast

If you are still a student and find yourself attracted to this universe, it’s a good chance to apply for an internship as soon as possible. You can learn in an early phase and test your skills and field of specialization. Also, don’t forget to make a friend on the way who shares the same aspirations as yours. This way, you can grow better and faster. You both can brainstorm ideas, keep each other updated and support each other. Moreover, you can also find a mentor who is already an expert in your field to get great insights and pioneer help for growth.

Take advantage of free mentorship programs

Another great way is to participate in programs and events that support rookies in the Web3 world. Free mentorship programs help you to polish your skill, widen your network and take you one step closer to establishing a career. Moreover, you will be updated about the industry's developments and be able to act accordingly on time.

The Crypto community is your family, and DAO is your stop

Blockchain technology requires you to be an active part of the crypto community, with Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) being the major participant of it. Since DAO takes the burden of tedious and monotonous tasks off the shoulders of humans, a great deal of people is a part of it, creating a community that doesn’t require expensive devices to be a part of the virtual environment. These communities allow HRs to connect job seekers with jobs, and hence it is suggested to join DAO or Discord channels of DeFi projects to keep an eye on the job openings. Some famous DAOs are Sushi, Rarible, Yearn, and Index Coop.

Stay active and grab opportunities

Various social media platforms like Twitter or Meta also post job opportunities for admin work, product testing, product development, and technology consulting. People who are active on their Twitter accounts on pages like CryptoTwitter have higher chances of getting picked. You can also apply to become a partner of major blockchain companies. Registering in your desired companies like Meta or Microsoft for job alerts is also a good idea.


As we saw, there are various opportunities for creating a great career in the metaverse and Web3 space. Moreover, you can create a new path with your creativity and innovation. The industry is in its infancy, and if you look closely, given you have the desire and required skill set, there is a lot to explore. You can enter into various scholarship programs to grab good deals that are free learning and good job opportunities. With renowned companies stepping into the game, it’s an industry that has immense growth potential. If you have a passion for the mixed reality concept and you love anything that says blockchain, you should definitely start considering getting employed in this space.

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Published on: 29th November, 2022