New to the crypto market? Start investing with as little as INR 10 (TEN RUPEES) with Giottus!
New to the crypto market? Start investing with as little as INR 10 (TEN RUPEES) with Giottus!

If you are just starting out in the crypto market and don’t have enough funds to invest in crypto, then don’t worry, as Giottus gives you the option to invest as low as Rs10, with ZERO trading fees!

Fascinating right? It can be exciting and scary if you want to enter the crypto market as crypto assets are highly volatile, and as much as they can give good returns, you can also encounter losses.

In today’s tech-driven world, you can easily learn crypto trading for free with the amount of free information available out there. It is possible to start with less money, grow and initially diversify your portfolio over time. There is no such thing as requiring large sums of money to invest in crypto assets.

You can start your crypto journey with Giottus — India’s trusted and highly rated crypto exchange platform that allows you to invest in crypto for as low as INR 10.

Why should you start your crypto journey with Giottus?

Here are a few features of Giottus you should know if you start your crypto journey with India’s highly-rated crypto exchange.

  1. Easy user interface- Giottus has an easy user interface that allows you to easily understand how the platform works.



2. Chance to earn free crypto- If you are registering yourself on the crypto exchange, then Giottus gives you a chance to win up to 10,000 crypto tokens for free.



3. Fast and multilingual customer support- Giottus has fast customer service with a team of professionals who are available to assist you 24/7. Moreover, Giottus has multilingual customer support catering to Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, and English-speaking users.


  1. Fast KYC process- You can complete your KYC within 10 minutes to start investing and crypto trading.
  2. 24/7 banking- You can deposit or withdraw money within just 10 seconds. Giottus offers multiple bank accounts feature for its customers.
  3. Low fees- Giottus does not charge any fees for INR deposits and withdrawals. You pay a minimal fee for trading and other crypto withdrawals. You can read about the deposit and withdrawal fee structure here.

How to invest in crypto with little money

Here are a few steps to invest in crypto with little money.

  1. Initiate on a small level

The first step is to understand that the crypto market is volatile, and the prices of crypto assets will keep varying from time to time. If you are starting in the crypto market as a beginner, you have to set a budget and ensure you have liquid funds to sustain in the crypto market without incurring any losses for at least the first six months.

2. Research and choose which crypto to buy

It can get confusing and challenging to decide which crypto to invest in, considering thousands of digital currencies in the market. Doing market research before you start to invest in crypto assets is always a good idea. It can be beneficial if you can get a little guidance from someone who knows the volatile crypto market and knows which crypto coins are beneficial for investment. You can also create a list of 5 good performance crypto coins and monitor their progress.

3. Selecting a crypto exchange platform

After deciding your small budget and selecting the crypto coins you want to invest in, it is time to select a crypto exchange platform. There are several crypto exchange platforms out there, but Giottus is India’s most trusted and top-rated crypto exchange that offers exceptional benefits to its users, including low trading costs, good customer service, ease of use, fast KYC process, etc. Giottus is an excellent choice when it comes to starting your crypto journey.

4. Choose a wallet.

A crypto wallet is software where you can store your crypto to keep it secure as they are password protected. You can choose to keep your crypto in hot wallets, which are online wallets connected to the internet, or cold wallets that are offline wallets.

5. Use the Rupee-cost averaging investment approach.

With the rupee-cost averaging investment approach, you can invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals irrespective of the market volatility. You can buy crypto at an average price throughout your investment period. Rupee-cost averaging is a great investment approach to general wealth management without incurring losses.

Get Started on Your Crypto Journey

Investing in crypto does not mean having large sums of money at your disposal. With Giottus, you can start your crypto journey and start investing in promising crypto coins such as Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Litecoin, etc., with minimal money. However, keep an eye on the volatile crypto market to avoid losses as it is impossible to predict future trends.

Published on: 20th August, 2021