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We are giving back up to 100% of our Earnings to our Ambassadors

  Earn whenever your qualified referral completes a trade!

   A referral considered qualified when he/she does trade worth Minimum INR 5000.

   Double your Referral Earning if you feature in Top 500 Leader board.

   The cut-off date for the date of qualification of referrals, leaderboard snapshot is December 31,2018

  The referral commission slab will be applicable till one year from the date of sign up or December 30th, 2019 whichever is earlier.

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Referral Earning Milestone

Your share of Earnings increases whenever you reach specific referral milestones.

No.of Qualified Referrals Referral Earnings as % of Giottus commision
>=3 25%
>=10 30%
>=30 35%
>=50 40%
>=100 50%

Feature in the Top 500 Leader Board(Maximum referrals) & double your referral earning!


Let us assume Alice shares referral link with her friends, Bob1, Bob2, Bob3, Bob4, etc.

 If 3 of her friends Bob1, Bob2 and Bob3 signup and trade worth more than 5000 by the end of June 30, Alice is eligible to earn from the referral program. If Bob1, Bob2 and Bob3 each generate Rs. 4000 worth of fees for Giottus, Alice will earn 25%*(4000+4000+4000) = Rs. 3000

 The moment seven more of her referrals qualify Alice starts earning 30%. If we assume Bob4 to Bob10 also pay fees of 4000rs for Giottus over next one year, Alice will earn 30%*(Rs.40,000) = Rs.12,000

  Every time Alice reaches a Milestone, she earns more commission & is also entitled to an exciting gift.

  If Alice manages finish in the TOP 500 leader board by the end of June 30th as stated in the example above, Alice's earning will double and she will be earning Rs. 24,000 which is equal to all the fees paid by the users under Alice for next one year.

Earning Timeline: If Bob1 signed up and completed his KYC registration process on April 15th,2018, then Alice will earn her referral commission from Bob's trading fees till April 14th, 2019 provided Bob is a qualified referral and Alice reaches her minimum eligibility criteria on or before June 30th.

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