GIOTTUS Referral 2.0

Free MATIC Tokens Give Away.


Introducing Giottus Referral 2.0. As part of this new program we will be giving away upto 100% of our earning from your referral. And it does not stop there you get chance to win upto 10,000 Matic Network tokens. Refer, like, share and Earn.

How it works?
Refer your friend Follow & Post about us Spin the Fortune wheel
Get upto 100% of your referral's Trade fee in Facebook & Twitter or any other action given below and for every action and with the coupons you have earned
+ 1 coupon to spin the wheel + 1 coupon to spin the wheel
win upto 10,000 Matic Token !!

Your coupons

Refer Customers

For every customer you refer, you get 5 coupon when he becomes a qualified referral ( A qualified customer is one who has traded more than Rs.5000 in Giottus).

Apart from this you get to earn fees we have collected from your referral as detailed below

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 onwards
100% 90% 80% 70% 60%

Till further announced, from 5th week you get 60% of your referral earning, upto 1 year. There is no upper cap to your Earnings. Refer as many customers as you can!!

Slabs are applicable only Referrals signed up after launch of Referral 2.0(23rd March). For referrals signed up before 23rd March, earning will be as per the older slab.

Like, Share & get free coupons

Spin & Win Free MATIC Tokens!

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Matic Tokens will be instantly credited to your Giottus Account when you win. You can spin once with one coupon. So you can come back and try your luck !